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“Your support is a very important part of what we do - it means a lot knowing that there is someone who thinks about us, trusts us, and appreciates our contribution to defending the Jewish Homeland.” - Lieutenant G.A.

FIDF's Capital Projects Campaign builds, refurbishes, and maintains recreation and sports centers, cultural and educational facilities, synagogues, memorial rooms, auditoriums, and “soldiers’ homes” for soldiers throughout Israel. These facilities, ranging from individual structures to grand wellbeing complexes, create an environment in which soldiers can relax, stay in shape, read a book or watch a movie, commemorate and celebrate special days, and enjoy the company of fellow soldiers.

Since 2009, FIDF has funded the building and refurbishing of 106 wellbeing facilities on IDF bases. chers, special grants, and holiday gift coupons that help them through difficult economic times.

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